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Everyone wants their Gold back home

  • 27 Aprile 2018
  • by Blogger

This is bad news for the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is facing a growing skepticism and a bank run on the FED's gold has begun. Gold has been stored mainly in the United States and London in order to protect the gold reserves during times of conflicts – the Cold War, for example – and/or to improve the liquidity of their gold reserves by moving them closer to the large trading centers.

Why gold is money

  • 18 Dicembre 2017
  • by Alberto Gregorio

The  7  features of good money

Before understanding gold, one first needs to understand money. Money is one of the most important discoveries of mankind.

For thousands of years, it has played a central role in our social and economic progress, in improving our quality of life and it has facilitated and incentivized the exchange of goods, services, ideas and innovations. These days, we hardly think about it, but without money we would still be hunter-gatherers, divided into tribes struggling for food and survival.
Thus, it is very important to understand what money really is, and even more so, to identify the key features that make it work best; the characteristics of good money.

How to buy and sell gold online

  • 17 Dicembre 2017
  • by Alberto Gregorio

DENARO offers you the easiest and most affordable way to buy and hold physical gold in the quantity that you choose.

You can buy shares (from 0,001 gr.) of LBMA gold bars that are kept in secure vaults in Switzerland and you can sell them back whenever you want. From the control panel of your DENARO account you can buy, sell and withdraw gold with a few clicks and can always remain up-to-date with your transactions and your balance in gold.

Record $10 Trillion Paper Gold Trading Market Continues To Depress Price

  • 24 Novembre 2017
  • by Alberto Gregorio

Posted by SRSROCCO in NEWSPRECIOUS METALS on April 2, 2017.

How do you depress the physical gold price?  It’s quite easy… you throw $10 trillion paper dollars at it.  Not only did global paper gold trading amount reach a new record in 2016, it surpassed the previous year’s total by nearly 50%.


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