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Anger as bailed-out Cyprus Cooperative Bank is put up for sale

  • 29 Maggio 2018
  • by Blogger

I repeated over time that Cyprus bailout wouldn't be the last one. The rescue of Cyprus would serve as a model for the next round of bailouts. The Eurogroup head said this: “If there is a risk in a bank, our first question should be ‘Okay, what are you in the bank going to do about that? What can you do to recapitalize yourself?’ “If the bank can’t do it, we’ll talk to the shareholders and the bondholders, we’ll ask them to contribute in recapitalizing the bank, and if necessary uninsured deposit holders.”

LME Plans To Launch Yuan-Denominated Metals Futures Markets

  • 25 Maggio 2018
  • by Blogger

Why would a central bank or a bullion bank say in advance that it planned to sell a large portion of its gold holdings? When a large holder of commodities is going to sell the commodity into the open market, he does not announce this in advance. His goal is to maximize the amount of money he gains by the sale of the asset. If he warns the world in advance how much he plans to sell and over which time period, this will depress the price if the sale constitutes a significant quantity. It is economically irrational for a seller of commodity to say in advance how much she plans to sell. I say "economically irrational" on the assumption that the goal is to make a profit. But if the goal is not to make a profit, but rather to inflict economic harm on people who hold a particular commodity as an investment, the announcement makes eminently good sense.

Why Gold is a Terrible Investment and will Save the Lives of your Children, Part #2

  • 22 Maggio 2018
  • by Blogger


You will hear people talk about “inflation”. Some even speak of it as a desirable thing.

It is not. Inflation is solely the creation of fake dollars and results in the theft of your savings. Anyone who tells you otherwise is reaching into your wallet and taking money out of it.

An inflation rate of “2%”, such as “targeted” by the Federal Reserve, is just a way of saying someone is going to steal half of the value of your savings every 30 years.

When you use a difficult to fake commodity as your medium of exchange there is not and cannot be inflation. Inflation is a lie used to rob you.

Why Gold is a Terrible Investment and will Save the Lives of your Children, Part #1

  • 22 Maggio 2018
  • by Blogger

Central bankers do not want to fight gold investors by banning gold. They want to continue to expand the money supply but not face the consequences in the arena of public opinion. They seek ways to force down the price of gold because the price of gold is an indicator of central bank monetary policy. Central bankers today have a number of anti-gold investor policies. The most common policy is to lease gold to a specialized group of insiders known as bullion banks. The central banks call this leasing, but it is operationally a form of gold sales.

"Money Is Gold — and Nothing Else"

  • 18 Maggio 2018
  • by Blogger

If you own gold, you are in a war. You are under assault. You had better figure this out early.

There is a full-scale war against you. The politicians and central bankers who are conducting this war against you are determined to see that you lose money on your investment. The reason why you are under assault is because you have demonstrated by your purchase of gold or a gold-related investment that you do not trust the monetary policies of your nation's central bank. If you are an American, this means you do not trust the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve System. You have taken a step that confirms your lack of trust in the government and its central bank.  Today, no government is restrained by a gold standard. No government, no central bank, and no commercial bank is required by law to redeem paper money or bank accounts for gold at a fixed rate of exchange.

Billionaire girds for stock-market crash by investing half his net worth in gold

  • 15 Maggio 2018
  • by Blogger

All economists except those from the Austrian School hate the idea of a gold standard. Many of them carry this dislike in the financial markets. They hate gold as an investment, not just as a monetary policy. They hate it completely. They tell people not to buy it when it's cheap. They say the same even when its price doubles, triples, quadruples. Why? Because gold is a vote against the planned Keynesian economy. It is voting against the central bank dominated by Keynesianism. It is a vote against high taxation, the bureaucrats of the government subsidized with debts who think they are wiser than citizens' decentralized planning in a free market.

The Seven Pillars of Gold

  • 11 Maggio 2018
  • by Blogger

You need to own gold; and you need to own shares in companies that find and mine it. There are seven reasons below, that are called the “Seven Pillars of Gold.” Each “pillar” reinforces the argument for holding gold. There’s some overlap between each of the pillars. In fact, it’s fair to say that many of the reasons to own gold actually segue back and forth, bumping into each other. But it’s possible to lay out seven distinct ideas. Here they are.

The world wants its gold back

  • 08 Maggio 2018
  • by Blogger

Beginning a few years ago, central banks demanded the return of their gold to their home countries. Germany was the most prominent example, but there were others, including smaller holders such as Azerbaijan. The process is difficult because the Fed bullion consists of old bars, some stacked up since the 1920s, that don’t meet today’s standard for purity and size. This doesn’t mean the gold is bad, just that the bars have to be melted down and re-refined to meet the new standards. Now, one of the largest holders, Turkey, is reclaiming its gold also. Turkey has had 220 tons stored in the U.S. and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently suggested that international loans should be made in gold instead of dollars. Meanwhile, Russia and China continue to amass gold.

All fiat currencies run towards ZERO value

  • 04 Maggio 2018
  • by Blogger

Which should have sovereignty over money: the free market or the state?

World War I destroyed the international gold standard. European governments asserted final sovereignty over money. They had done this in theory a century earlier. They confiscated gold that was in banks in 1914. Franklin Roosevelt made gold illegal in 1933. By accepting the idea that the free market possesses no legitimate sovereignty over money, men surrendered their freedom. Gold and silver became money by way of the free market. Any time you hear the term "sovereign money," you can be sure the person who uses the phrase is a monetary statist.

Gold And Silver: Sell In May And Go Away? Not Exactly

  • 30 Aprile 2018
  • by Blogger

Gold has always been insurance to preserve wealth during bad times. And we can't be sure when, but some very bad times are coming our way, and soon. Not only was the mortgage finance Bubble not the proverbial "Big One," it set the stage for historic global government finance Bubble excesses. The real once-in-a-lifetime crisis lies in wait. Not only do we not learn from our mistakes, we instead seem to go out of our way to create bigger ones. This time much Bigger. Only real value, such as gold, will protect you from the incoming financial storm.


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